Domestic demand from Ahmedabad and north Gujarat is fuelling the increasing number of prime buyers of residential properties in Gandhinagar

Anushrav Bhatt

Today the Ahmedabad residential realty market is a hot cake destination for investment.Over the last couple of years,the Ahmedabad property market has registered new peaks.Investors from other metros and NRG investors are looking to own a piece of real estate in Ahmedabad.Also,the newly added 68 outskirt villages of Ahmedabad under the jurisdiction of AUDA will bring huge quantum of urban land for development after declaration of the Development Plan.Affordable housing stock is going to be created in the western fringe areas.Areas abutting Bopal like Ghuma,Manipur,Shela,Goghavi,Nidhrad,Kaneti,Racharda etc will emerge as the new prime residential pockets in the coming times.Many township projects are also awaited.The Housing market of Ahmedabad will provide many options across all segments to all income groups.
In the last five years,development has been also witnessed in the northern part of the city.Residential real estate rates have triggered in Motera,Chandkheda and new C G Road vicinity.
Today development is realised upto Gandhinagar.The Gandhinagar realty market is also in the league with the property market witnessing flourishing demand.Numerous 2BHK & 3BHK housing projects are coming up in affordable housing segment by renowned developers.Modern architecture,quality housing and state-ofthe-art infrastructure is realizing the dream of every investor/end user.Along with the apartment development,bungalow projects are also in demand.The Ring road is an excellent means of connectivity between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.In other words connectivity is a fuel for the growth of urban development is these areas.The outskirt areas of Gandhinagar like Kudasan,Raisan,Randesan,Koba are the prime areas for investment.The Land Market is booming in these areas.These areas fall under the jurisdiction of GUDA (Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority ).After the lifting of periphery control act in Gandhinagar,GUDA has made its first Development Plan,after which various Town Planning Schemes were prepared and all these focused on ensuring rapid development.Thus,the area is witnessing quick urban development today.The prestigious project of the proactive Government of Gujarat - the GIFT City (Gujarat International Financial Tech City) - and presence of well reputed institutions like IIT and Petroleum University is eye-catching for investors,with property occupiers looking forward to the same.Presence of social infrastructure,parks,resorts and entertainment places makes the living experience even better in the Green Capital City.Today,along with Ahmedabad,the Gandhinagar property market is also booming.Domestic demand from Ahmedabad and north Gujarat is fuelling the increasing number of prime buyers of residential properties in Gandhinagar.
Currently,rapid urban development from the both ends (Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar) is taking place.In addition to Motera and Chandkheda,areas like the Airport road,Bhat and Sugadh are also developing fast.Along with the rising population,domestic demand and migration will be the key factors in absorption of housing stock in these areas.Development and growth of the manufacturing & service sector has created new employment opportunities,which will ultimately create new housing demand.Today,Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have emerged as a twin city and in the upcoming years this will get amalgamated.Areas between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have good future prospects,and investors are going to churn good returns on their investment,in the coming years.Undoubtedly,in true sense of the word,the mega city is heading towards becoming the next metro.



(The author is a city-based housing planner,civil engineer & lawyer)

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